Drive Clean Facility

Ottawa Dodge is now a certified Drive Clean Facility offering emissions tests while you wait.
Come in or Contact Us to set up an appointment.

Drive Clean is Ontario’s automobile emissions control program. Testing is carried out by certified Drive Clean Facilities.

If your vehicle is due for a Drive Clean test you will receive a renewal notice in the mail.

If you have recently had your vehicle repaired, or if the battery has recently been disconnected for any reason, the information in your vehicle’s built-in computer likely won’t be readable, and your vehicle will fail the test. If that happens, you’ll have to drive your car around to replace the computer data, and then re-take the test. In most cases a day or two of normal highway and city driving will usually reset your vehicle’s computer and ensure it’s ready for the Drive Clean Emissions test. Your vehicle must pass the Drive Clean Emissions test in Ontario before you can get your license sticker renewed, so it’s best to go in early to ensure your vehicle will pass.

Drive Clean Emissions tests play an important role in keeping our air clean. Poor air quality harms public health, particularly children, the elderly and people who have respiratory challenges. What’s good for your car is good for everyone’s lungs.