Synthetic Oil Myths Debunked

Synthetic Oil Myths Debunked

You probably heard many myths about synthetic oil before. Are they true? Let's find out what the experts think and why you should be using synthetic oil.

While synthetic oil has been on the market alongside conventional oil for over 40 years, yet there's still a lot of misconceptions about the product.

You probably heard the myths below once, or even several times in your life, but are they true? Definitely not. Tag along as we debunk the common myths about synthetic oil. Who knows - maybe it's a better solution for you and your vehicle.


FACT: The synthetic option delivers increased lubrication and reduce the running temperature of your engines, making them ideal for most vehicle on the road.

FACT: If your seals and gaskets are in good condition, it will not leak in your engine. But it might find an existing leak as the smaller molecules are able to pass through very small crevices. Those small cracks and crevices can lead to bigger problems — with or without synthetic oil.

FACT: Switching between synthetic and conventional oils will not cause any damage to an engine. In fact, synthetic blends (a mixture of synthetic and conventional oil) are commonly used.

oil changes help protect your engine

Oil is the lifeblood of your vehicle; it keeps your engine lubricated and clean. A lot can happen if you neglect your oil, such as dirt build up or loss of lubrication, and can both lead to serious damage.


Dirt can build up in the oil, making it thick and abrasive, which can cause engine damage and eventual failure.


The good stuff in your oil (like detergents, rust fighters, and friction reducers) will break down, which can lead to loss of lubrication, and again, can cause engine damage and eventual failure.

The bottom line is, your engine needs regular oil changes. How often depends on three factors:


Older vehicles may require more frequent oil changes because older engines have more build-up, metal filings, and other debris accumulation.


Diesel engines typically need more oil changes that their gas counterparts


Vehicles operated in severe driving conditions such as sub-zero temperatures, extreme heat, off-road environments will require more frequent oil changes.


It will help you experience a new level of confidence during cold weather startups.


The reduced impurities in synthetic motor oil allow it to flow more freely in extreme cold, as well as resist breaking down or gumming up under extreme heat.  This means better protection for your engine during the harsh conditions of Canadian winters.


Minimizing the wax that occurs naturally in oil means that synthetic oil remains effective when the temperature plunges below 0°C.  So, it immediately begins lubricating and protecting your engine from startup to shutdown…over and over again.


As good as conventional oil is at protecting your engine, the synthetic option can help your engine run cleaner, wear better, and perform more efficiently – all of which can lead to longer intervals between oil changes and overall longer engine life.

frequently asked questions.

Lubricant technology has vastly improved, so an oil change every 5,000 kilometres doesn’t quite apply to modern vehicles.

Most automakers actually suggest changes between 12,000 and 16,000 kilometres, depending on the vehicle. If using the right synthetic, many cars can even go as long as 24,000 and 32,000 kilometres between oil changes.

Though the 5,000-kilometre sticker service reminder has become an industry standard, for many it will be too soon.

A break-in period for switching a car from a conventional to a synthetic oil is not required, so feel free to change from a conventional oil to a synthetic any time.

High-performance synthetics are fully compatible with conventional motor oils and, in modern engines, may actually reduce oil consumption when compared with conventional oil. 

There’s no special preparation (such as flushing an engine) necessary when switching from conventional motor oil to a high-performance synthetic.

No, not at all. In fact, synthetic oils are recommended for any vehicle, operating in any climate or temperature.

However, in situations where conditions become extreme — such as a sudden winter storm or heat wave — high performance synthetic motor oils offer significant performance benefits over conventional oils, which are mineral-based.

At cold temperatures, many top synthetics offer protection at temperatures as low as -51°C and faster start-ups. And even if you find yourself driving during the hottest summer day on record, many also withstand temperatures up to 204°C while reducing oxidation and engine wear. In comparison, conventional motor oils have been known to thicken up when nearing 0°C and break down quickly when engine temperatures exceed 66°C.

This is another common myth. Many leading automotive manufacturers already recognize the benefits of synthetic motor oils and use synthetic oil for vehicles coming off their assembly lines. 

Before switching, be sure to check the section of your owner’s manual outlining the viscosity and performance requirements for the vehicle. This will ensure that neither the warranty or the car’s engine will be compromised.

Any vehicle can benefit from using synthetic instead of conventional oil, which will only serve to enhance the protection and performance of a car’s engine. 

In fact, switching to synthetic in older models can even help reduce engine sludge and harmful deposits that may have accumulated in a vehicle. Synthetic oils are more sludge-resistant than conventional mineral-based motor oils and also withstand the effects of high temperatures and oxidation better than conventional motor oils.

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