How to Update Uconnect

Need to update UConnect? You can schedule an appointment with our service department or complete the update yourself. Here's everything you'll need to do so.
what you'll need

To perform the update yourself, you will need a computer, your vehicle with the Uconnect system nearby, and an empty 4GB USB memory stick.

check for available updates

To see if an update is available, visit Uconnect’s website. Enter you 17-digit Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) and click ‘Check for Updates’. 

If an update is available, you can choose to follow the guided steps or simply download the software. Once the download is complete, the tool will allow you to transfer the file directly to a USB drive.

update your vehicle's uconnect system

After the file is transferred, you can remove the USB drive and take it to your vehicle, which must remain running and parked for the duration of the upload.

Insert the USB stick. The vehicle should now alert you to the current version of Uconnect that is running and to the version that you’re about to install. You’ll need to confirm that the version you’re installing has a higher number than the one currently running.

After your confirmation, your Uconnect system will then reset. You’ll see several progress notifications appear on the screen. Remember to keep the vehicle running and on park until the process is successfully completed. The Uconnect system might become inoperative if the update is interrupted. 

As soon as the update is completed, the screen will reset. After it powers on, wait 60-90 seconds for a window to pop-up. Confirm that the software version numbers now match, and press ‘No’. 

The software update is now complete and it is safe to remove the USB stick from your vehicle.

If you encounter any issues during the process, call our Service Department at 613-604-9858 to book an appointment with our factory-trained technicians.

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