Mopar Wheel Buyers’ Guide

The right rims can really make a vehicle stand out. When it comes to selecting rims for your new ride, the terminology can get confusing, making it difficult to ask for what you want. To make things easier, we have summarized the technical terms to help you find the perfect rims to complement your car, truck or SUV. If you are looking for the perfect rims for your new or used vehicle come in and our parts advisors will help you find the ultimate rims for your ride!
Cast Aluminum: An aluminum wheel that is manufactured by the casting process. Molten aluminum is poured into a form then allowed to solidify. The cast wheel is then machined to finish dimensions.
Chrome Clad: A plastic wheel cover with a chrome finish that is permanently affixed to a wheel by means of adhesive or foam.
Chrome/Chrome Plate/Chrome Finish: A four-step process in which a wheel is electroplated with nickel, copper, more nickel, and finally chrome.
Coat With Bright Face: A term for a wheel that is first painted and then has portions of the painted wheel face machined away, leaving a “bright face” with painted pockets.
Forged Aluminum: An aluminum wheel that is manufactured by the forging process. A slug of heated aluminum is forged into the shape of a wheel. The forged wheel is then machined to finish dimensions.
Graphite Finished Cast Aluminum: A cast aluminum wheel that has been painted graphite colour.
Machine Bright: Same as Coat with Bright Face
Polished Clear Coat: A wheel that is first polished and buffed to a high luster finish, then painted with a clear coat and baked to harden the finish.
Five Split/Six Split: Refers to the total number of split spokes on a wheel.