Why You Need Winter Tires in Ottawa, Canada

You can handle winter, but can your tires?  Why do you need winter tires in Ottawa, Canada?




If Mother Nature gave us three seasons, then all-season tires might be perfect.  But she didn't.  When the thermometer begins to dip, the compounds that make up the typical all-season tires become hard and stiff.  The result is less grip - even on dry pavement - which means less safety and performance.

In temperatures below 7° Celsius, you need winter tires.

At precisely 7° Celsius, the superior adhesion of winter tires begins to make a difference, regardless of road or weather conditions. With their specifically formulated rubber compounds, winter tires reduce vehicle stopping distances by up to 25% – performance that can make the difference between a close call and calling for a tow.




There are three component that provide winter tires with their superior traction - tread compound, tread design, and biting edges. LET'S TAKE A CLOSER LOOK.

BITING EDGES ENGINEERED INTO THE GROOVES assist in gripping snow while accelerating and braking in winter weather.  Variable thickness sipes (hairline cuts in the tread that increase tire-to-surface contact) help winter tires prove their worth from the arrival of winter to the beginning of spring.

TREAD DESIGN REFERS TO THE DESIGN FEATURES that lend winter tires their burlier look.  These ridges provide improved traction by whisking away water and snow, for better braking and cornering capability.

THE COMPOUND REFERS TO THE PHYSICAL STRUCTURE. In winter tires, that structure includes more rubber for flexibility in lower temperatures.  Some tire brands even incorporate silica for improved grip.


ottawa-tire-imageTHE PHYSICS OF FOUR:

There's a common misconception that two winter tires, either on the front or back depending on drive configuration, are sufficient to maintain control when the temperature falls.

The fact is that tire and vehicle manufacturers collectively recommend that drivers install winter tires at all four corners so that more rubber is in contact with the road at all times.  This simple application of physics, known as co-efficient of friction, helps to ensure maximum traction in snow, on ice, and on roads affected by winter conditions.


WARNING - Never install only two winter tires on the front of a vehicle.  This is particularly dangerous and could result in a complete loss of control.


CAUTION - Installing only two winter tires on the rear of a vehicle could lead to unwanted and sometimes unpredictable handling characteristics.

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