Off-Season Tire Storage

Short on storage space?  Hate lugging your dirty tires to and from the garage every season?

Ottawa St-Laurent Jeep & Ram Headquarters has the solution for you!

Not sure where to store your winter tires in the summer and summer tires in the winter? Let the professionals at Ottawa St-Laurent Jeep & Ram take care of things and take away the headache of loading and unloading your car with tires and rims. FREE tire storage is available with your tire purchase in the Nation’s Capital at Ottawa Jeep Ram Dodge Chrysler Fiat Headquarters located at the corner of St Laurent Blvd and McArthur Ave, just north of the Queensway 417.

Leave your winter or summer tires with us and we’ll install them for you when it’s time. It’s another reason why people choose and trust the experts at Ottawa St-Laurent Dodge!

One of the biggest mistakes made comes before the tires are stored – it is often forgotten to inspect tires for damage and wear. No one wants to find out their tires need to be replaced without any kind of warning when the new season arises. This is why Ottawa St Laurent Jeep & Ram inspects every set of tires prior to storage.

Benefits of tire storage with Ottawa St-Laurent Dodge

  • It makes life easier and is more convenient
  • Avoid the heavy lifting
  • You have limited space at home
  • You have nowhere to store your tires
  • You are coming to see us anyway for vehicle maintenance

How to properly store your tires

  • Tires need to be stored in a clean location
  • Keep tires away from chemicals and other materials that could harm the rubber
  • Tires need to be kept in a dark location that is away from direct sunlight
  • Tires need to be kept away from a source of ozone such as heaters, motors, etc.
  • Keep the tires away from sharp objects that could inadvertently puncture the tire.
  • Do not store tires in direct contact with the ground.
  • Stack tires upright if the wheel is removed and not more than 4 if the wheel is attached.

How to Qualify

  • FREE tire storage for the first season is always available when purchasing new tires through us.

Ottawa St-Laurent Dodge does tire storage the right way

We understand the importance of properly storing your tires. This is why we have a facility that is made specifically for tire storage. We have the proper equipment, racks, and room conditions that are ideal for storage. And, we always inspect each tire before it is put into storage to ensure that issues are noted and can be dealt with as soon as possible.

Quit dragging your tires across town and leave them in our capable hands. The convenience is more than worth it.