Ready to sell your vehicle?

Once we appraise your vehicle, you are required to have certain items to complete the sale. If you have any questions regarding the items to bring with you, contact us before your visit.

What to bring with you

When bringing your vehicle to Ottawa Dodge, remember to have the items below. If you’re missing some of the required items, we still may be able to complete the sale. We will guide you through the process and help you make arrangements to gather any missing items:

  • An original copy of your vehicle’s provincial registration and lien/pay-off information (if applicable)
  • Your provincial registration to transfer the vehicle’s ownership, and it must be provided at the time of sale.
  • All titleholders should be present. We must see the vehicle’s current registration to confirm that you’re the vehicle’s owner.
  • Valid Photo ID
  • All keys and key fobs/remotes. When selling us your vehicle, it’s important you provide us with all sets of keys and remotes. If the original keys and remote to the vehicle are missing, we may adjust the offer.