Should I be rotating my tires?

Absolutely! Rotating your tires based on the schedule in your owner’s manual is very important.

The front tires on your vehicle wear differently and more quickly than the rear tires – especially if it’s a front-wheel drive. Basically, rotating your tires from front to rear during their life cycle will:

  • Help to equalize tread wear,
  • Provide an opportunity to inspect your tires for any damage,
  • Ensure that you maximize the life of all 4 tires.

There are different acceptable methods for rotating your tires based on the set-up of your vehicle:

  • Staggered wheels (front and rear tires are different sizes)
  • Unidirectional tires (tires specific to one side of the car)
  • Asymmetrical tires (tread pattern changes from inside to outside of the tire)