Today is December 1st and any day now Ottawa could become a winter wonderland. Most people hate clearing the snow off their car in the morning before going to work, and really who can blame them for hating it, you have to get up earlier and it’s cold out!

We have a few tips for you to help with your morning snow removal routine.

  • Before you turn off your car for the evening, try cooling it down. This will help prevent ice from forming on the windows in the morning.
  • Raising your windshield wipers off the car will prevent them from freezing to the car, making it easier to brush the snow off.
  • Consider bringing your brush/ice scrapper in with you for the evening. This way, when you go to your car in the morning, you will already have your brush with you, you won’t have to use your sleeve to brush off the snow on the door!
  • Brush snow off all door seams, this will prevent snow from getting in when you open up the door.
  • Don’t forget to brush the snow off the roof of the car. This will prevent the snow from falling onto your windshield when you are driving.

Hope these tips help you get prepared for the snow that lies ahead!